10/14/15 – Self Care

Today I went for a massage before work.  I didn’t want to spend the money but I was tired and sore and have been feeling the stress of a busy fall full of clients, marathon training and wedding planning pile up.  I reminded myself that self care is the most important thing we can do every day.  Without it, we leave ourselves vulnerable to stress, anxiety, depression, injury, fatigue and a weakened immune system just for starters.  When we’re busy, time for ourselves always seems to be the first thing we cut off our to do list.  We need to remember that without taking care of ourselves we can’t get all that other stuff done safely, effectively, efficiently…or sometimes even at all.  Whether you take 5 minutes to grab a breath of fresh air, 15 minutes to call a friend, half an hour to go for a relaxing walk or an hour to get a massage, remember that anything you do to refill your cup improves your well-being and allows you more to give back to others.

I left my massage feeling more relaxed, physically and mentally, and ready to take on the day.  I know that my life isn’t going to get any less busy in the near future, so I will make a habit of finding time each day to rest, relax, and recuperate.  I’ll book another massage, go to yoga class, catch up on 30 Rock, or read a magazine while I burn my Gingerbread candle.  Making sure I focus on self care in addition to eating well and moving every day will help keep my mind and body healthy.


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