2/24/16 – Elimination Diet and Gut Restoration

I love to eat. I always have.  I just love food.  Unfortunately, over the past year or so food hasn’t always loved me back.  I started to realize that I was always feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating.  Even if I didn’t eat much.  I was getting a lot of stomach aches.  I just felt yucky.  I tried to figure out what was causing it and cut out some things but it kept happening.  My doctors had no answers.  Finally a friend suggested I check out Dr. Jillian Teta and her Fix Your Digestion program.  I read the book but was hesitant to  to try an elimination diet.  I couldn’t imagine giving up bread while training for a marathon!  So I decided to wait.  Then it was the holidays, and who wants to give up sugar at Christmas?  So finally I decided February would be the month.  My mom decided to give it a go with me.   We cut sugar, gluten, dairy, legumes, and night shades.  It was so hard.  No peanut butter in my morning oats?  No bread basket at dinner?  I was hungry.  I got bored with my food choices.  I whined a lot about eating.  BUT, I started to feel better.  I wasn’t feeling sick after eating.  I wasn’t bloated all the time.  I even lost a few pounds.  I admit I wasn’t perfect. I added peanut butter back in week 2 and bread back in week 3.  I ate a piece of chocolate here and there.  But here I am at day 24 still standing.  I’m hoping that this will help me learn what foods my body can’t handle and I can resume my love affair with food.  Do you have any food intolerances or think you do?  Do you need help learning how to heal your digestive tract?


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