Social worker, nutrition coach, Arbonne consultant?

Network marketing, MLM, pyramid scheme, call it what you will but you all know what I’m talking about.  I bet several companies came to mind.  Maybe one you’re a part of.  Or your friend is.  Maybe it evoked a strong feeling, probably negative, bringing back memories of home parties at your Aunt’s house or that pushy girl from high school.  Or maybe that’s just how I always felt.  Except, I started using some products and started seeing a real connection between what this company was promoting and what I was promoting as a health and nutrition coach.  See, I’m a picky consumer.  I don’t like things that don’t taste good, don’t feel good, and don’t have some actual solid benefits with science backing them up.  I’ve documented my issues with food sensitivities and my subsequent need to eliminate dairy.  What I didn’t realize initially was that no dairy meant I had to give up my beloved whey protein.  I work out a lot.  Using  a protein supplement has been a big part of my fitness journey.  Once I gave up the whey (which is dairy based) I started sampling vegan protein.  Let me tell you, that was a shock to my picky system.  They taste chalky.  They are clumpy.  They smell like grass.  Finally I tried one that I loved.  It just so happened that it was from a network marketing company.  I loved the taste, the texture and the ingredients.  My cynical point of view of the MLM world started to waver.  I did some research and reading.  It wavered some more.  I tried a few more products.  I tried to stop using my new favorite protein and quickly went back. Finally, I listened to the recruitment pitch.  I was sold.  These women truly believe in the company.  This company truly has a passion for healthy living.  The research is solid.  The ingredients are high quality.  I feel good using them.  And most important to me, I love the taste.  So, here I am a brand new Arbonne consultant.  Don’t rule something out just because it comes from a big company or a home sales company or because your frenemy from high school is selling it.  Do your own research.  Read.  Try.  Find what you like and what works for you.  everyone is different.  I am happy that I found a product that I believe in that fits my health and nutrition needs.  Want more info or have any questions?  Email me at